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Acting Classes in Orange County

acting classes
in orange county


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Acting Classes in Orange County


While there are no shortcuts to excellence, there are systems that help you achieve far better results.  Just like not all acting classes or filmmaking classes or screenwriting classes are equal, not all systems are either.  

For example, a weak immune system can wreak havoc on your health.  A strong immune system can fight off germs, keep you healthy and vibrant.  A bad sewage system can smell up a community; a good one runs smoothly (pun intended).  A poor financial system can leave you penniless, a rich one can leave you with a nest egg. 


So what does this have to do with classes?  Or an acting studio?  Or filmmaking? Or screenwriting?


Our studio excels at providing the most effective systems so you can produce desired and repeatable results far faster than you can imagine. 


Our classes are tailored to your needs and skill level so that YOU are equipped with your own process to achieve optimum results in the most efficient manner.  

Whether you are immersed in one of our acting classes, filmmaking classes, or screenwriting classes, we believe progress and process are two sides of the same coin.  Our principled-based systems are designed to help you achieve maximum outcomes within a condensed period of time. 


So regardless if you are training in our acting studio, filmmaking studio, or doing a screenwriting workshop, we are committed to your progress in a supportive atmosphere. 

Rock Maze

A key distinction
for success

Though Charles Dickens was not a member of an acting studio, his books and characters are considered some of the best-known and most read in the annals of literature.   And, he didn't even have a formal education.  In fact, he dropped out of school to work at a factory due to financial hardship.  


So how could such a prolific writer (who contributed so much literary craftsmanship) do so with a terrible deficiency of schooling?   What was his key distinction to success?


He attributed it to finding an effective system and combining it with an unyielding commitment to excellence.  In other words, he understood that outstanding results are directly in proportion to an outstanding system.  And this is exactly what you'll find in our acting studio, filmmaking studio, and screenwriting studio: outstanding systems that empower you to bring out your excellence.   

Acting Classes and Filmmaking Classes - A Christmas Carol By Charles Dickens
Rock Maze
Writing Classes in Orange County


Often, studios and classes are designed to make the artist competent.  Our studio and classes, on the other hand, are designed to maximize your potential.


Moreover, we specialize in providing systems for accelerated learning.  Not “microwave learning” where you push a button and you’ve instantly acquired sizzling expertise or stardom.  Instead, our classes equip you with transformational tools that will massively accelerate your growth as you embrace the craft principles.  


Irrespective of the acting class or writing workshop you decide to take or even the acting studio you join, the artists who have made a profound impact with their craft have one thing in common: craftsmanship.  As Thomas Aquinas noted: the test of the artist is not in the will they go to work, but in the excellence of the work they produce.  Or as we often say in our classes: perfection is not reality, pursuing excellence is.  


So whether you are looking for acting classes, filmmaking classes, or screenwriting classes, we can help you find and align with the most effective systems so that you can begin producing monumental results in your craft.  


Know you want to be excellent and go to the next level, but don’t know what acting class, filmmaking class or screenwriting class to take? 


Click the button to schedule 1-on-1 with a team member who can guide you to your ideal class.

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