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21 Choices
An Actor Can Make


Talent is often revealed in the choices an actor makes.  The stronger the choices, the stronger the performance.  But choices are based upon distinctions.  That is, being aware of what you can actually play.  


Imagine a painter trying to paint with only three colors versus an entire pallet, or a pianist only having access to three keys versus the unrestricted keyboard.  In the same way, an actor who has access to an entire keyboard of choices has a significant advantage.  


The problem is many actors don't know what specific choices are at their disposal, and thus, their work is limited and suffers. 
Envision having access to a vast pallet of possibilities to free you up and help you consistently bring your characters to life.


This is what is possible through the course, "21 Choices An Actor Can Make," a custom program focused on equipping you with a treasure chest of choices to take your work to the next level.  

This program is designed to

  • Help you gain awareness of playable choices to animate the text in the most effective manner

  • Empower you to execute an idea with precision

  • Immerse you in the experience of discovering, developing, and delivering effective, bold choices


Palm Desert Thursday

(February 11 - April 11) 2.30pm-4.30pm

Cost: $200/mo

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